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Spending a day at the beach is nice, but it doesn’t quite cut it if you want to experience a true connection to the power of the seaside elements. When you go home to your brick walls, you’re missing out on most of the magic. When the human sounds die out, the soundscape changes to a mesmerizing blend of the surf, the wind, birds and the crackling of your fire. The smells of sun tan lotion disappear and the ocean’s salty perfume is richly dispersed. The sky shows off its most glamorous outfits, with a dress change every five minutes, and when the rosy glow fades, stars line up for tonight’s spectacle. You’re staring, but they don’t mind. If you’re with friends, silences are never awkward here, talking too much or too loudly feels more out of place. If you’re a surfer, you’re reading into the waves, reliving the movements of the day, anticipating the challenges of tomorrow. Soon you’ll be sleeping in your tent, soon. Give it another minute, or three hours.

If you adore lefts and rights, here are some amazing places in Europe to set up your tent and get out your blade



1. Ericeira, Portugal
Discover one of the most beautiful stretched reefs and points in Europe. Famous waves like Cave, Crazy Left and Ribeira have turned Ericeira into one of Europe’s surf capitals as well as one of the most famous World Surfing Reserves including great camping sites.


2. Varazze, Italy
Varazze is one the better and most famous reefbreaks on the Italian coastline. It can be crowdy but the spot does have floodlights so one can extend the session well into the night. There’s a couple of great camping sites close by, although space is limited, especially in the summer season.


3. Polzeath, UK
Polzeath is one of the best longboard surfing beaches in North Cornwall. Its long peeling waves are best to ride at low to mid tide. Within an hour’s drive, there is a huge coastline of other great waves to explore. Polzeath has also a number of great campsites. While it may not always be the cheapest campings, especially during the summer holidays, it is worth the trip.


4. Mundaka, Spain
Mundaka is legendary among surfers across the world. It is possibly one of the most epic rivermouth waves in the world. This wave is not for rookies and can be significantly influenced by subtle changes and shifts in tides, rainfall and wind angles. Near the town centre there are some great campsites with amazing views.


5. Cap Ferret, France
Cap Ferret is intriguing. Its unusual mix of surf pleasure and French chic attracts surfers from around the world. Ideal winds are from the east. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the beach breaks offer lefts and rights. Despite the fancy neighbourhood, various campsites set in protected pine forests offer access to both the waves and the high life.

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